MAH-MCA-CET (Chandresh Agarwal's)

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MCA-CET Syllubus Information Download
01-Reasoning - Solved Exercises Download
02-Quantitative Aptitude - Solved Exercises Download
03-English - Objective Questions (Solved Exercises) Download
04-Quadratic Equations Download
05-Progressions (A.P., G.P., H.P.) Download
06-Exponential Series & Logarithmic Series Download
07-Binomial Theoram Download
08-Mathematics Miscellaneous Download
09-2D Geometry  Download
10-The Straight Line - Maximize Your Potential Download 
11-Pair of Straight Line Download
12-Circle - Maximize Your Potential Download
13-Conic Sections Download
14-Differential Equations Download
15-Trigonometry Download
16-Trigonometrical Equations Download
17-Inverse Trigonometrical Functions Download
18-Heights & Distances Download
19-Mathematical Logic Download
20-Probability Download
21-Statistics Download
22-Statistics - Theoretical Distributions Download
23-Set Theory Download
24-Set Theory - Set Operations, Relations, Functions Download
25-Mensuration Download
26-Flowcharts Download
27-Algorithm Download
28-Data Representation & Arithmetic Download
29-Boolean Algebra Download
30-Fundamentals of C languages Download
31-Practice Papers With Answers Download
32-MCA Competition Arena Questions from Various Competitive Exams Download